Monday, October 15, 2012

Important Course Update V.2.1

There has been a small change near the start of the 50K course and turnaround for the 100K.  Instead of turning off Old Skyline Parkway which crosses the Spirit Mountain ski runs, you will now turn left onto the Superior Hiking Trail Spur Trail that goes up to the Spirit Mountain Campground.  You will no longer be turning left onto a mountain bike trail.  The course directions have been updated to reflect this change.  The change is as follows:

Once past the ski runs, make a sharp Left off Old Skyline Parkway past the Spirit Mountain Zip Line onto the Superior Hiking Trail SPUR TRAIL.  The spur trail is marked with WHITE blazes.  Don't miss this sharp Lefthand turn.  If you reach paved Skyline Parkway, you've gone too far.  Follow the SHT spur trail rather steeply downhill.  Just before the intersection with the main Superior Hiking Trail, you will angle to the right on a vague deer path, follow the pin flags.  Near a small bridge on the main Superior Hiking Trail you will go directly across the main SHT and continue downhill.  This will be a confusing point on the trail.  Do not turn right or left onto the main SHT, continue straight across down the hill.  This intersection will be marked well with extra signage and possibly a course marshal.  Continue down the hill to the old DWP rail grade.


  1. I assume that there will be little change in distance, any info on elevation?

  2. Little change in distance, perhaps a bit shorter because of fewer switchbacks. No change in elevation but perhaps a bit steeper climb/descent.

  3. Less switchbacks? Hello, broken ankles! Woohoo! LOL.