Thursday, October 4, 2012

Important Course Update V.2

Important course update for the Wild Duluth 50K and 100K races.  Please pass this along to your friends.

The 50K race and 100K turnaround has been changed to the upper SPIRIT MOUNTAIN PARKING LOT.  This is the same location as the Harder n' Hell Half start.  The course is now almost exactly 31 miles and will avoid the congestion and conflict with the Boo at the Zoo event taking place at the Lake Superior Zoo that same Saturday.

The new starting location will have the 50K runners drop quickly down the ski hill to the Old Skyline Parkway running across the ski hill (same old road runners cross in the Voyageur 50).  Traverse across the ski hill then drop down a switchbacking mountain bike trail to the DWP railgrade.  Then follow the railgrade as before.  This will add a significant downhill for 50K runners and a significant climb up to the turnaround for 100K runners in addition to the descent.  Adding this climb will make up for the fun climbs and descents that were lost when we had to re-route out of Jay Cooke State Park.  The views from the turnaround will be spectacular!  This will make for a more exciting and enjoyable start to the 50K and turnaround for 100K runners and avoid the congestion of the zoo. We think you'll like it!

Wild Duluth 50K Start and 100K turnaround map:

View Spirit Mountain Parking Lot in a larger map


  1. what is the half marathon course? is it posted anywhere? haven't been able to locate it. thanks!

  2. The half marathon course is exactly the same as the 50K course from Spirit Mtn to the finish. I will post a map of the half marathon start and description of the start.

  3. Is there packet pickup available on race morning for the 50k? If so times and locations. Thsnks!