2012 Re-Routed Course Information

Information specific to 2012 re-routed Wild Duluth course

Date: Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012

Start: 100K - 6:00 a.m. Bayfront Park, Duluth, MN

50K - 8:00 a.m. Spirit Mountain Parking Lot, Duluth, MN

Finish: Bayfront Park, Duluth, MN

Fee: 100K - $85.00 by September 14
$100.00 Sept. 15 to October 20

50K - $55.00 by September 14
$75.00 Sept. 15 to October 20

Wild Duluth 50K Start and 100K turnaround map:

View Spirit Mountain Parking Lot in a larger map

Directions to Start at Spirit Mountain:

Race starts at the Superior Hiking Trail Spirit Mountain trailhead and ends at Bayfront Park in downtown Duluth. 

We will have bus transportation for 50K runners to the starting line at Spirit Mountain.  Transportation to the starting line at Spirit Mountain will leave promptly from the Bayfront Park parking lot at 7:00 a.m.

Directions to Spirit Mountain trailhead: From I-35, take Boundary Ave Exit #249. Go south on Boundary Ave past gas station, McDonald’s, to T-stop. Turn left on Skyline Parkway (follow Spirit Mountain signs). Take left turn to Spirit Mountain Chalet, go 2 blocks to trailhead parking lot on left by Duluth Alpine Club building.

CUTOFFS: Runners will have until 12:00 a.m. midnight on Sunday October 21 to finish races.

18 hours for the 100K.

There will be a 9 hour intermediate cutoff at the 31 mile turn-around at Spirit Mountain for the 100K.  100K runners will have to arrive at Spirit Mountain by 3:00 p.m. in order to continue.

AID STATIONS/DROP BAGS: Aid Stations will be between 2.5 and 6.8 miles apart.  Standard ultra food and beverages will be available at all aid stations.  Soup will be available at aid stations open later in the day and evening.  Crew members may only provide aid to runners at designated aid stations.  Limited parking will be available at aid stations.

2012 Wild Duluth 50K aid stations and distances:

50K Aid StationsCumulative Dist.Dist. Between
Start – Spirit Mountain00
Magney-Snively #1 AS2.52.5
Skyline Parkway AS6.94.4
Munger Trail AS11.74.8
Magney-Snively #4 AS15.94.2
Highland-Getchell Rd AS22.76.8
N 24th Ave W AS27.85.1
Bayfront Park Finish313.2

2012 Wild Duluth 100K aid stations, distances, drop bag locations and cutoff times:

100K Aid StationsCumulative dist.Dist. BetweenCutoffDrop Bag
Bayfront Park Start00
N. 24th Ave. W AS3.23.2

Highland/Getchell Rd.8.35.1
Magney-Snively #4 AS15.16.8

Munger Trail AS19.34.2
Skyline Parkway AS24.14.8

Magney-Snively #1 AS28.54.4

Spirit Mountain312.53:00 p.m.Y
Magney-Snively #1 AS33.52.5

Skyline Parkway AS37.94.4

Munger Trail AS42.74.88:00 p.m.Y
Magney-Snively #4 AS46.94.2

Highland/Getchell Rd.53.76.8
N. 24th Ave. W AS58.85.1

Bayfront Park Finish623.212:00 a.m.Y
Parking is very limited at N. 24th St. W, Highland/Getchell Rd, and Munger Trail.  Crews should consider avoiding these aid stations.

Click HERE for Wild Duluth 50K maps

Click HERE 2012 Course Description

Click HERE for photos of 2012 re-routed segment

COURSE MARKING: The course will be marked well at all intersections.  There are several intersections and road crossings on this course.  The trail will be marked with orange pin flags and we will have pin flags with reflective tape for the night sections.

All but ~10 miles of trail in the 50K (~20 miles in the 100K) will be on the Superior Hiking Trail.  The Superior Hiking Trail is very well marked with blue blazes and trail signs.  There are arrows at many intersections as well.  If you’re paying attention when you’re on the Superior Hiking Trail it will be VERY difficult to get lost.  It’s also critical that you pay attention and are very careful at all road intersections.  Vehicles have the right of way at all times.  We will try to have run officials at the busiest road intersections.

CHECK IN: Packet pickup and late registration will be from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Friday October 19. BAYFRONT FESTIVAL PARK downtown Duluth, MN.  You may also pick up your race packets at the starting line at Bayfront for the 100K and Spirit Mountain for the 50K.  Also, please be sure to check in on race morning.

NO race day entries.  Late registrants will have no guarantee of finishers award or shirt the day of the race.

Race course briefing will occur 15 minutes before each race.  Arrive at the start line early for the briefing.   Races will start on time.

AWARDS: Overall awards to the mens and womens champions in the100k and 50k.
Age group awards to the mens and womens division winners for the 50k and 100k in the following divisions:
29 and under
30-39 Open
40-49 Masters
50-59 Super Masters
60-69 Grand Masters
70+ Grand Old Masters
No duplicate awards.
All finishers in the 100k will receive a custom designed hooded sweatshirt.
50k finishers will receive a custom designed long sleeve t-shirt or technical shirt.
Last place finisher will receive the “Taconite in your Pants” award.
Half Marathon finishers will receive a t-shirt and finishers award.

POST RACE SOUP AND CHILI FEED: We will have a post race meal at Bayfront Park consisting of homemade meat and vegetarian chili and soup with additional fixin’s.

WEATHER: Weather in the middle of October can be very uncertain.  We could have a blizzard in October or it could be in the 60′s.  Come prepared for inclement weather and have warm clothes available.  The average high for mid-October is 52 and the average low is 38.  Record high temperature for the date is 77 and record low is 22.  Last year we had a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the 50′s and perfect running weather.    October 17 for the last three years has seen high temperatures of 51, 52 and 50 with low temperatures of 38, 47 and 39.  In 2006 and 2007 it rained a little on October 17.  Last year, weather was great once again.

Regardless of the weather, we should have beautiful fall colors on October 17.  The hills above Duluth will be all shades of green, yellow, orange and red.

Sunrise in mid-October is around 7:30 a.m. with sunset at around 6:15 p.m.  Runners in the 100k should be prepared to run in the dark at the start and finish for most runners.

DROP BAGS: Drop bags may be left at the Highland/Getchell Rd. and Munger Trail aid stations as well as the turnaround at Spirit Mountain.  For 100K runners, drop bags may be accessed at miles 8.3, 19.3, 31.0, 42.7, and 53.7.  Drop bags can be left at the check in on Friday night before the race and on the morning of the race.  If leaving your drop bag the morning of the race please have it prepared and left at the check-in table by 5:30 a.m.  Drop bags must be clearly marked and secure.  Bags must include your name, race number and location where you want them to go.  Race management is not responsible for any lost items from your drop bag.  All drop bags will be brought back to the finish line at Bayfront Park as soon as the aid station closes.

The Wild Duluth 50K and 100K race rules and procedures are designed for the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the race including runners, crews, volunteers and spectators.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification of the runner.

1.  Runner responsibilities – The runner is responsible for knowing all the rules
2.  No unauthorized aid caches or drops – No one is allowed to cache, drop or store supplies on the race course before or during the run.  Runners are not allowed aid between checkpoints.  Crews are forbidden to leave aid along the trail during the run.
3.  No course cutting - Runners must follow the marked course at all times.  If the runner departs from the marked course, the runner must return to the point of departure on foot before continuing.  Cutting the course is grounds for immediate disqualification.  Please do not cut switchbacks on the course.  Switchbacks are designed to ensure the sustainability of the trail.  Doing nothing to risk the sustainability of the trail we are using will ensure that we will be able to use it for future races.
4.  Checking in/Checking out – It is the runner’s responsibility to properly check-in and check-out of each checkpoint.  Race numbers must be clearly visible.
5.  Cutoff times – Cutoff times will be enforced at the turnaround and mile 45.5 by the aid station captain.  Their decisions are final, no exceptions.
6.  Road crossings – The main concern is the safe movement of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.  There are not that many busy road intersections on the course, but do not be complacent and forget to look both ways before crossing.  Vehicles have the right-of-way at all times.  We will have run officials at the busiest crossings, especially early in the race when runners are grouped together.  The runner is a pedestrian and must obey all directions of the race official and all laws pertaining to road pedestrian crossings.
7.  If you decide to drop out of the race – If any runner is unable to complete the run, the runner must notify the aid station captain and surrender their race number.  Upon surrendering their race number, the runner is officially out of the race.  If a runner leaves the race and does not show up at the next checkpoint within a reasonable time, run officials will assume the runner is lost and notify authorities.  This situation will cost the race time, money, hardship and credibility.  It may also threaten the race’s ability to acquire necessary permits for future races.  Please be sure to notify race officials if you plan to drop out of the race.  Leaving a race without informing the aid station captain is grounds for disqaulification and restriction of entry in future races.
8.  If you get lost or injured – If you get lost or injured, stay on the trail and wait.  Inform another runner that you are injured and ask that they notify race officials at the next checkpoint.
9.  Do not litter – Either carry your trash or leave it at the aid stations.  We are operating under permits from the City of Duluth and the Superior Hiking Trail and litter could threaten the acquisition of permits in the future.  Littering along the trail will be cause for disqualification.
10.  Passing other runners and trail users – All runners will meet other runners coming toward them on the trail.  50K runners will meet the 100K runners going the other direction and 100K runners will meet each other on their way back to the finish.  Please be considerate of runners coming your way on the narrow trail.  Runners going uphill please step off the trail for runners coming downhill.  In most cases the runners going downhill will be going faster and concentrating on their footing.  It’s easier for the uphill runner to step off the trail.
Also, there will be other people using the trail on race day.  Please beVERY respectful of other trail users and give them the right-of-way.  Remember we are guests on the trail and there will be quite a few of us out there on race day.
11.  Relieving yourself -  O.k., this is gross, but it should be mentioned.  Solid human waste should be buried (find a stout stick and dig a quick hole with it) well off the trail and away from water.  Liquid waste should not be deposited on the trail itself or near water.  You should be at least 100 feet from any water source when relieving yourself.  A non-entrant in the race should not see you relieve yourself.
12. Have Fun!


Contact the race directors by e-mail at:adventurerunning@gmail.com
and by phone at:  218-728-6443


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