Wednesday, October 10, 2018

UPDATE: 50K Start and 100K Turnaround Moved to Oldenburg Point

The start for the Wild Duluth 50K and turnaround for the 100K is being moved to
View from near Oldenburg Point
Oldenburg Point Picnic Area in Jay Cooke State Park.  This has been the start/turnaround location for previous races.  Distances remain essentially the same and there are many benefits to having the start/turnaround at Oldenburg Point.  This year, uncertainty about access to the powerline section (Wild Duluth uses two of the powerline hills when starting at Chambers Grove) makes the move to Oldenburg Point necessary.  In addition, avoiding the mountain bike trails in Mission Creek will also take away the uncertainty that those trails could be closed at any moment due to weather conditions.  When starting at Oldenburg Point, we also get on the Superior Hiking Trail nearly right away and enjoy the consistency of running on the same trail the entire way to Bayfront.  It's also a beautiful route, more direct and a bit less confusing than the route from Chambers Grove.  We will miss the spectacular climb up through the pines from Chambers Grove however.

We apologize about the delay in making this announcement, but we were waiting for the permit from Jay Cooke so we could be sure this route was approved.  The course description, aid station chart and course photo tour have been updated.  Maps are now updated as well.

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