Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015 Wild Duluth Course Updates

We're about 5 weeks away from the start of the 2015 Wild Duluth races!  And, just when we think we have the course dialed in after the 2012 floods, we're thrown more curveballs!  This year's edition of the Wild Duluth races will have two temporary course adjustments due to construction along the course.  Both are significant enough to be addressed, but they're both very short and minor.

The first course adjustment, due to construction at our normal start location at Chambers Grove Park, will require us to locate an alternate start location for 2015.  From what I'm hearing, this will also affect the race in 2016.  This year we will be starting the race just a little down the road at Fond du Lac Park.  For 50K runners, this will require about a 3-4 minute run along the shoulder of the highway before hitting the Mission Creek mountain bike trails and our regular course.  The 100K turnaround will be near where the trail comes out onto Highway 210 to avoid the run along the highway shoulder.  See the map below:

The other course adjustment for 2015 will occur at the Munger Trailhead Aid Station.  The parking lot for our regular aid station location is closed due to construction on the railroad line and we will have to move the aid station up Beck's Road to the climber's access parking lot.  This will also require a short trail re-route on the Superior Hiking Trail.  The SHT is temporarily re-routed in this area and we will follow that re-route.  This will require crossing the highway bridge on the shoulder for about 500 feet.  Please use caution when on the highway.  This re-route should only be for this years race.  See the map below:
Other than that, the course should remain essentially the same.  An improvement over last year is the new route of the SHT under Highland Street and up into our Highland/Getchell aid station in the brand new parking lot.  This is a huge improvement over previous years and is welcomed.  You may remember that there was a LOT of construction in this area last year that required us to move this aid station. 

See you soon!


  1. Will you be sending out driving directions to the starting point for those that are not taking the shuttle?

    1. Yes, we'll add map to the start on our Race Information page.

  2. Is start line parking still the same?