Monday, October 21, 2013

Unofficial Wild Duluth Results Posted

The unofficial Wild Duluth race results have been posted HERE.  We are missing two runners in the 100K and one in the Half Marathon.  Please contact us if you are one of them and we will get the official results finished.  We need to find finishers 43 and 44 in the 100K with times of 19:15:10 and 19:15:11.  I think I remember who this was, but want to confirm.  Also need to find the 58th finisher in the Half Marathon with a finishing time of 2:54:29.  Please contact us if you know who these finishers are.

Thank you runners for making Wild Duluth wild and wonderful once again! We are truly blessed by the
Todd Rowe photo
weather Gods! The day was very nice and not nearly as bad as the forecast.  Sunday ended up being a rainy day from start to finish.  

Once again it was a pleasure to watch all of you cross the finish line and help you out along the way.  It was fun talking to some kids and aid station volunteers who had never seen an ultramarathon before and listen to their excitement when seeing these friendly runners pass through.  Our 15 year old son had a lot of fun working the Spirit Mtn aid station with some of his friends this year.  And, after packet pick up on Friday, he said in all sincerity, "Ultrarunners are the nicest people, if you were going to categorize them, you would say they are the nicest people."  Great to hear from a teenager and what a tremendous compliment to our community!  

And a HUGE, HUGE shout out to our wonderful volunteers!!! From our trail markers, to our timers, to our aid station crews, to Eric Nordgren who ran around the course all day, to our tireless sweeps and of course our HAM radio operators!!! The majority of our positive comments were about our great volunteers. Kim and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!!


  1. Get that registration up for next year, I'll sign up now!! Awesome race, thank you.

  2. Hi Andy, I finished about 19:15. I'm #60, Peter Taylor. The other dude with me was my pacer, Lee Johnson (but he was a pacer and I don't remember a racer finishing at the same time as me). I sent you an email. thanks for the great race!

  3. Great race! Thanks!

    I think the 2:54:29 half racer was Sara Hollingsworth (she and Carrie Ryan ran together).

  4. I'm looking forward to a return to the Northland next year. I've been racing here in Boulder and can't wait to see what my homeland can throw at me.