Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jay Cooke is Out but Re-route Planned

I spoke with Jay Cooke officials today. The park is officially closed until at least November 1. The race will not be able to take place in the park nor will any camping or other activities be available in the park during race weekend. We will not be able to have any aid stations in the park which means Grand Portage aid station is out as well, so the course we used the first year of the race is not possible. HOWEVER, all is not lost! :-) I have a re-route in mind already and it comes out to about 31.5 miles on my mapping programs. A majority of the course will still be on the Superior Hiking Trail and it should work out just fine. I'll be out doing some more GPS work and tweaking and we'll have a real nice course for everyone come race day. Stay tuned!


  1. Now we know why Larry Pederson's beard is prematurely grey (he's in his 40's?); it's the life of a race director pulling rabbits out of the hat.
    Looking forward to the new map.
    Who knows? The change may lead to new ways to get to a 100 miles . . . .

  2. Any news on the route?

    BTW - have the Friday before the race off, can help with flagging as needed.