Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Great Day at Wild Duluth!

WOW! Another absolutely spectacular day at Wild Duluth yesterday! THANK YOU runners and volunteers for making all of the work so worth it! Seeing you all on your journey and your smiling faces at the finish line is amazing!
I’ll try to get the results posted tonight…if I can stay awake. Old school…


  1. Andy, Kim and all the volunteers,

    Thank you for all your work. Saturday was made possible and made enjoyable by all your hours of work. This course is one tough mother, but the beauty of the course evens it is out. Some.

    Put me on the volunteer list for next year, I sure as heck don't want to miss this event - it is way too much fun!


  2. This race rocked!!! Did Ironman Wisconsin a month ago and this race has left me more sore. Sign me up for next year. The course was textbook tough and beautiful. Thanks to all who helped with this great race

  3. Beautiful, challenging, well run. Thanks so much to those that make it happen. I will highly recommend it to those who like to suffer in beautiful places. I will be back!

  4. If you could send the results or a link for results to thank you

  5. ...fell asleep trying to do the results Sunday night...they're posted now...old school...

  6. The Combos at the Getchell Rd aid station really did it for me...I love Combos. Beautiful, challenging, and well marked course. Aid station volunteers were wonderful. I live and work less than a block from different sections of the course. I run it 5 times a week. Thanks for highlighting this wonderful resource....the runners and the trail.

  7. Last year I finished the 100k in 17:30 and told my wife, "Never again!"

    But the memories of the trail (however painful) drew me back this year.

    And this year everything worked. The volunteers at the aid stations are so awesome I wish I could bring them with me to every race.

    I especially want to thank the quesadilla makers at the turn-around point. Those were wonderful. And I also want to thank the volunteers at Highland/Getchell and N. 24th Ave for BOTH having pizza when I passed by there the second time. I had been craving pizza all day.

    Thanks again to Andy and all the volunteers for making this a wonderful day to spend in (mostly) Duluth.

    I'm sure I'll be back. But I worry I won't top 2011.

  8. Thank you for putting together a great event. Laurie and I chased Chris through the entire 100k, hitting every aide station, except for the single stop at the turnaround, twice. We can say without reservation that the support and encouragement from these great volunteers was one of the key factors in helping Chris finish this race. The decorations at Magney, grilled cheese at 24th, dog treats for Chris's dog at Munger, and the constant encouragement at each and every stop are what make this a great event. Trail markings are always a concern in races like this, but that was not a problem. From our limited perspective, the trail was marked as good or better than at any other race at which we have crewed (too smart to actually run one of these). We can't thank the people who helped put this together enough for giving up so much of their time. I am constantly amazed at the quality of volunteers and participants at ultras. Thank you.

  9. Thanks for a great race, a special thanks to the volunteers, the grilled cheese sandwiches were the best! Coming from the Canadian prairies my friends and I really appreciated the spectacular scenery and found the course incredibly challenging. It was our first time to Duluth and we can't say enough about the beauty of the city and the friendliness of the people.
    We loved the chili bowls!