Friday, September 17, 2010

Harder'n He!! Half Marathon Announced

Due to runner demand for a shorter distance offering at Wild Duluth and a desire to share this spectacular course with a few more trail people, we've decided to offer the new Harder'n He!! Half Marathon in 2010.  We're only a month away from the event, but we're hoping to keep numbers for the half marathon fairly small this year so we can be sure it works out logistically and doesn't have a negative effect on the 50K and 100K races which we care about so much and are the primary focus of Wild Duluth.

The half marathon distance works out nicely with a nearly perfect 13.1 mile distance from the upper Spirit Mountain trailhead parking lot to Bayfront Park.  The route follows the Superior Hiking Trail the entire way and includes many of the most spectacular views from the 50K and 100K routes.  And, it will be a VERY challenging half could say it will be Harder'n He!!

A printable pdf entry form is available on our Registration page.  Online registration is also available from  We will also be providing additional race details on our website soon.

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