Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ultima Sports Drink Served at Aid Stations

We will be serving Ultima sports drink at our aid stations along with water.  This is the same drink served at Grandma's Marathon.


  1. Hi Andy,

    I can't believe you are actually serving this beverage as the primary alternative beverage to water.

    Anyone not providing their own source of calories will be in big trouble as Ultima has only 10 calories per serving...

    I will be having my own home made maltodextrin gel in my drop bags and I will have S-Caps along for electrolytes (sodium and potassium) so I am OK with water from the aid stations, but I think you should provide a high calorie beverage for most of the other runners.

    In addition to not supplying calories, Ultima has very little sodium and potassium while going way overboard on many vitamins and minor minerals.

    I think it is a terrible beverage for an ultra. Voyaguer uses this beverage also for some odd reason I can't figure out. The year I ran Voyaguer and relied on Ultima I bonked and cramped.

    Best Regards,

    Allan Holtz

  2. Allan - we were fortunate to have this drink donated to us from the Voyageur folks. If we had unlimited funds, we'd serve the best stuff possible. As it is, we're likely to lose money on this year's race. At this point, it's Ultima as an alternative to water or nothing. Personally, I use only water and get my calories and sodium through other means that I carry with me. Ultima will be provided for those that may like an option to water. Next year, if we increase our entry fees, we may be able to supply a different energy or sodium replacement drink. We'll see this year, how many people would prefer an different energy drink and plan accordingly.