Tuesday, August 4, 2009

See Who's Registered

You can now see who is registered for the event by going to the RunRace.net registration page for the Wild Duluth Races.

See who is registered for the 100K

See who is registered for the 50K

C'mon Minnesota and Wisconsin runners - where are those registrations!?!

You're outnumbered by all of the other states and not a single entry yet from Wisconsin?!?  Hey, I am a Wisconsin native, so you are welcome here! :-)


  1. FYI: If anyone is camping on race weekend (I might be) the Fond Du Lac Campground and Boat Landing usually has openings in October, reasonable rates, and they are walking distance to the starting line at Chambers Grove Park:


  2. I'm registered, and proud to be from Wisconsin!

  3. I am Excited for the Race.

    Being from Southern Florida I have no clue what to expect from the weather.

    Should I bring a change of clothes in case my sweat freezes midrace?

    Please!!! mark the trails sufficiently!!!
    I dont want to get lost in a 62 mile race.

    thanks - Cortland Wheeler

  4. Scott - I think you're the first WI runner!

    Cortland - You should definitely have some warmer clothes along. It could be 60 degrees and sunny or possibly 32 degrees and snowing. Weather can be beautiful this time of year, but it can get cold too. If you're running, your sweat won't freeze midrace, it won't be that cold. It might be nice to have a warm, dry shirt at the turnaround point at 50K. You could also put some warm clothes in a drop bag at the aid station where you think you might be when it gets dark.

    We'll mark the course sufficiently, particularly the sections that might be done at night. Looking forward to having you at the race!


  5. Thanks,

    The only hills down here are bridges between the Islands! so I'll have to do bridge work to prepare for the 10,000 ft of elevation change.